Hi, I am Jacqueline. 

I was born in Hong Kong and came to Belgium when I was 10 years old.  Whilst I have been surrounded by a very international environment throughout the last decades, the Chinese culture is still an inherent part of who I am.  This said, I love to learn about different cultures and languages.  Today I help my clients in english, french and dutch. 

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My passion

My passion for nutrition and natural remedies was born with my precious Amelia.  With the realization that a new life was growing in my belly, I knew that I was no longer only responsible for my own body.  I did everything in my power to provide both of us with a strong immunity and to grant my daughter the precious gift of a healthy start to life.  I studied hard, attended lots of trainings:  Institut Européen de Médecine Naturelle, Ayurvedic massage therapy, Chinese Pediatric massages, Bach Flower to list a few.  This gave me more knowledge to help me make informed choices. 

I noticed the positive effects of healthy (and yummy!) nutrition, natural remedies, natural skincare on my family.   I observed how well natural remedies helped my daughter build a strong immunity, how a balanced diet  has given her the vitality to enjoy life and appreciate good food.  Here stems my motivation to help people using all the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

My journey

As a working parent, I found it difficult and exhausting to fulfil perfection both at home and in the corporate world.  I ignored my passion and did not pay attention to all the signals until one day, my body gave up fighting with my mind.  It took a burnout to help me realize how long and hard I had been struggling to be someone I was not, following values which were not mine, fighting for something which ultimately did not help me thrive.

Every cloud has a silver lining.  Beyond having to work through all the emotions and exhaustion that came with my burnout, I listened to my body, learned to respect limits, to explore what nourished my energy, my body and my mind.  I am thankful to have the support of my family and close friends, and finally allowed myself the time and space I needed to take a step back.   It became as clear as day that what I really wanted to do was to give back through what I have learned during my journey.  A new exciting chapter of my adventure started, to do what I love and use the skills and knowledge I have acquired.  


How I can help you today

I love helping people and seeing them thrive with a new energy through different ways.  That is my passion and my goal.  This is how I can help you:

•  Lighten your day and let me deliver a healthy, easy to serve and tasty meal to your doorstep

•  Strengthen or regain your health through natural remedies and balanced diet

•  Accompany you in regaining emotional balance during difficult moments through Bach flower therapy

•  Invite your energy to flow during a deep therapeutic massage

•  Learn how to make simple-delicious-healthy snacks and meals without spending hours



To sum it all up, I love to nourish through a holistic approach. 
So really, I could not find a more fitting name
for my new business than ‘Nourish by Jacqueline’. 

Find out more about what I do in ‘My Services’.  
It would be my pleasure to welcome and nourish you!