Nourish through massage therapy

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”
Carl Jung


With our current lifestyle, where pressure and stress add their weight, it is in our best interest to look after the tiredness, the physical and emotional pain points.  Treat our body well so it may regenerate new energy necessary for us to function in a balanced and healthy way.  Come and enjoy an abhyanga massage, using warm purifying sesame oil.  This complete head to toe therapeutic massage will help to relieve pain and tension, while stimulating better energy circulation through the entire body.  It will also help to eliminate toxins from the body and enable full relaxation of both mind and body, allowing a better and deeper sleep.

I constantly strive to deepen my knowledge of the human body, to acquire and combine new techniques such as Dien Chan multiple reflexology.  In this way, I am able to take care of my clients in the best way(s) possible.


Mondays through Saturdays (except Tuesdays)
only by appointment

Chez Jacqueline

5-min walk from center


Massage rates

Payment in cash or payconiq at the end of your session

  75-min Abhyanga head to toe massage therapy using warm massage oil    80€
  90-min Abhyanga head to toe massage including facial lymphatic drainage    90€
  60-min Dien Chan multiple reflexology therapy, massage on specific zone    65€
  60-min facial therapy using organic aloë vera and cold pressed oils  65€


Bundle rates


- All sessions to be booked directly

- Full payment after first session - sessions can be postponed with a 24-hour notice (weekends not included in the 24 hours)

- No refunds possible

  3 x 60-min Dien Chan multiple reflexology therapy   170€
  3 X 60-min facial therapy using organic aloë vera and cold pressed oils    170€
  Combo:  120-min Full body massage & facial therapy with lymphatic drainage    115€


Cancellation policy

Cancel your session by phone without penalty minimum 24 hours (weekend not included in the 24 hours) before your session.  This will give other clients in need a chance to receive their therapy.

Contact me to book your session!