Functional cookies

These cookies are non-optional since they are inherently part of our website. Consequently, you are not able to disable these cookies if you wish to visit our website.

  • A session cookie (PHPSESSID): contains temporary information that is deleted after closing your browser. It helps filling in forms - even when you make an error - and may remember temporary choices to make sure you are redirect to the correct webpage.
  • Youtube and Vimeo: occasionally our website may show content that is hosted by Youtube and/or Vimeo. This integrated content uses cookies that are necessary to play these videos i.e. buffer size and the number of times a video has been played.
  • Captcha: when sending a form, it is not only useful when certain data is remembered, it is of equal importance that we protect our systems. We do this by using either a random generated code or Google Recaptcha
  • Ease of use: to make your life a little bit easier, some of your choices a stored. Examples are the numbers of items in you prefer in a list or the fact that you have seen a certain message. This way, we don't have to bother you asking the same questions over and over again.